Edelweiss Surf Tour

Five tour stops, two disciplines, one Swiss champion in each discipline and one overall winner
– this is the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2023 !

This tour, which is taking place for the second time, is one of kind: it combines the uniqueness and variety of Swiss Surfing with the goal to connect surfers of all kinds and regions.

Everyone with a Swiss passport or a Swiss residency can take part in the tour and become Swiss Champion. Furthermore the individual tour stops are open to international surfers. Mark the dates, get ready and show your skills in the fresh waters of Switzerland. 


  • Rapid Surfing 
    Competition on an artificial standing wave or natural river wave.
  • Wavepool Surfing
    Competition on an artificial rolling wave.


  • Men (no age limit)
  • Women (no age limit)
  • Junior Boys (Until 18th birthday)
  • Junior Girls (Until 18th birthday)

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Winners Urbansurf Zürich Open 2023

Winners Urbansurf Zürich Open 2023

The Urbansurf Zürich Open was the second tour stop of the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2023. Over 55 surfers competed for points to become Swiss Champion in the discipline Rapid Surfing and the Overall Winner of the tour. Alena Gubler and Lennard Weinhold (DE) both defended...

Winners Oana Open 2023

Winners Oana Open 2023

The second tour stop at this year's OANA Open of the Edelweiss Surf Tour proved to be a resounding success! Michelle Ernst from Lucerne (LU) and Rivan Rock Rosskopf from Aargau (AG) emerged as the big winners, sweeping both the Juniors and Adult categories. They...

Cancelled: Brämzgi River Jam 2023

Cancelled: Brämzgi River Jam 2023

We regret to announce that the Brämzgi River Jam has been canceled due to insufficient water levels. Despite recent rainfall, it was not enough to generate the desired surfing wave. This situation is similair of last year's unfortunate circumstances. We remain hopeful...

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About Swiss Surfing

Swiss Surfing founded in 1992, represents the sport of surfing in Switzerland on a national and international level. We are recognized by the International Surfing Association ISA, Surfing’s World Governing Authority and the European Surfing Federation as the national surfing association of Switzerland. Since 2018 Swiss Surfing is also a part of Swiss Olympics.

Swiss Surfing represents and promotes the sport of surfing in Switzerland which consists of the disciplines Longboard, Shortboard, Bodyboard, Stand Up Paddle Board and familiar water- and boardsports. Every year, the best surfers compete at the Swiss Surfing Championships held in Spain and at the Edelweiss Surf Tour held in Switzerland. These events are not only intended for competitive surfers but also bring together the Swiss surfing community. The Swiss Surfing Team represents Switzerland at international surfing competitions such as the ISA World Surfing Games and the ISA World Junior Surfing Games.

As the only landlocked country, Switzerland has participated and reached good results at international contest for over a decade. Swiss Surfing is probably the most exotic surfing association in the world.