Edelweiss Surf Tour launches team competition

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Edelweiss Surf Tour | 0 comments

The wait has almost come to an end:


Less then one week until the first tour stop of the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022!



Do you want to participate in the Edelweiss Surf Tour but can’t make it to every tour stop? No problem:

…in addition to the individual results, we launch a team competition for the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022.

Sequence of the team event:

collect points for your team throughout the tour

the four best standings in two categories will be counted after each event

the winner team will be the one who collected the most points during the tour

Conditions to build a team: 

at least 4 surfers from at least 2 categories (men, ladies, junior girls, junior boys)

competitors for the team must have the swiss surfing active membership


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