Brämzgi River Jam

Brämzgi River Jam


The Brämzgi River Jam 2022 will be postponed to 11 June due to low water levels. All surfers will keep their spots!

New Registration deadline: Thursday, 9 June, 8 pm. If more spots become available due to the postponement, we will communicate this accordingly. We can’t wait & stay tuned!

In Bremgarten on the Reuss, we can surf the river again in 2022.

Its a small and familiar contest with a lot of history. Cosy get-together with food and drinks.  All are welcome, watch some surf and enjoy nature.

The competition take place on the 11th of June.


Registration Deadline: 9 June 2022, 8 pm

The Active Membership of Swiss Surfing is a requirement to enter the competition except if you have a wildcard for the event.