Oana Open 2022

Oana Open 2022

The first OANA Open was a complete success. Many thanks to all surfers, spectators, judges, organizers and all who made the great event possible. The event marked the start of the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022.  A total of 46 surfers showed their skills in four categories “Woman”, “Men”, “Junior Boys” and “Junior Girls”.

For more insight on the event. Check out the blog post on waveupblog.ch

Results of the OANA Open 2022

We congratulate the winners of this year’s OANA Open:

  1. Livia Fürst, Root
  2. Fabiana Klein, Rapperswil
  3. Michelle Albisser, Luzern
  1. Durby Castillo, Sursee
  2. Joshi Holy, Ermatingen
  3. Vincent Schneider, Basel


  1. Michelle Ernst, Luzern
  2. Fabiana Klein, Rapperswil
  3. Aline Gasser, Niederönz
  1. Maxi Lex, Münsing
  2. Rivan Rock Rosskopf, Rheinfelden
  3. Killian Rosskopf, Rheinfelden

More Impressions of the Surf Event

Photo Credits: Ondrej Kolacek

OANA Open | Samstag, 30.4.2022
OANA Open | Sonntag, 01.05.2022