Urbansurf Zürich Open 2022

Urbansurf Zürich Open 2022

From August 27 – 28, the Urbansurf Zürich Open took place in Hardbrücke Zürich. The event was the third tour stop of the Edelweiss Surf Tour 2022, which celebrates its debut this year. A total of 60 surfers showed their skills in four categories “Woman”, “Men”, “Junior Boys” and “Junior Girls”. Around 2’000 spectators marveled at the surf action in the pool during the course of the afternoon.

The surfers battled for a total prize money of 4000.- Swiss Francs and the Winner of the Swiss Stationary Waveriding Champion. After the Oana Open this is the second surf event in “Stationary Waveriding” and the Swiss Champion was crowned.

For more insights on the event. Check out the blog posts on urbansurf.ch or waveupblog.ch

Results of the Urbansurf Zürich Open 2022

We congratulate the winners of this year’s Urbansurf Zürich Open and the Swiss Stationary Waveriding Champions:

    1.  Alena Gubler, 
    2. Jana Wessels, 
    3. Fabiana Klein, Rapperswil
  1. Lennard Weinhold, Deutschland
  2. Durbi Castillo, Sursee
  3. Rivan Rock Rosskopf, Rheinfelden
  1. Michelle Ernst
  2. Fabiana Klein
  3. Aline Gasser
  1. Rivan Rock Rosskopf
  2. Kilian Rosskopf
  3. Nicola Schmidiger

Swiss Stationary Waveriding Champions

Women: Alena Gubler
Men: Durbi Castillo
Junior Girls: Michelle Ernst
Junior Boys: Rivan Rock Rosskopf

More Impressions of the Surf Event

Photo Credits: Ondrej Kolacek

Urbansurf Zürich Open | Samstag 27.08.2022
Urbansurf Zürich Open | Sonntag 28.08.2022

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