Edelweiss Surf Tour 2023 is over: Crowning Swiss Freshwater Surfing Champions

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Switzerland – The Edelweiss Surf Tour 2023 has concluded, leaving us with many champions who conquered the waves in fresh Swiss water. Let’s dive in and meet these amazing champions:

Edelweiss Tour Champion: Alena Gubler and Rivan Rock Rosskopf are this year’s Edelweiss Surf Champions in the Women and Men categories. Eva Weiss and Kilian Rosskopf are the lucky tour winners in the Juniors Girls and Boys category.🌊🏆

Swiss Rapid Surf Champion: Rivan Rock Rosskopf winning the Men’s category, Michelle Ernst securing the Women’s title, Killian Rosskopf becoming the Junior Boys champion, and Eva Weiss emerging as the Junior Girls champion. 🌊👑

Swiss Wavepool Champion: The new Swiss Wavepool Champions are defending champion Rachel Bonhote-Mead and the Alaia Open Winter Cup event winner Franklin Serpa Ferreira Correia – as well as Antoine Habashi in the Juniors Boys and Fabiana Klein in the Juniors Girls category. 🌊👑

Tour Highlights 🌎

The Edelweiss Surf Tour had some exciting stops:

  • OANA Open – The tour’s first stop, where Michelle Anna Ernst and Rivan Rock Rosskopf dominated on the stationary wave, winning in both junior and adult divisions.
  • Urbansurf Zurich OpenAlena Gubler and Lennard Weinhold both defended their titles as winners of the Urbansurf Zurich Open, winning again in their Women and Men cateogries respectively. In the Junior Divisions won Aksinia Semenova and Kilian Rosskopf. 
  • RiverSurfJam Thun – The third tour stop where over 44 surfers competed for points to become Swiss Champion in Rapid Surfing. Local talents Anna Lemann, Luca Allemann, and Thierry Meier brought home the titles.
  • Brämzgi River Jam – Unfortunately, this stop had to be canceled due to low water levels. Sometimes, nature has its own plans.
  • Alaïa Open Winter Cup – A Grand Finale: The tour reached its thrilling conclusion in Sion, Switzerland. Jade Magnien, Franklin Serpa Ferreira Correia, Antoine Habashi, and Fabiana Klein showcased their exceptional surf skills in the Women’s, Men’s, Junior Boys, and Junior Girls categories, adding an epic finish to the tour.

We want to give a big shoutout to our amazing partners and our fantastic event hosts. Without your support and dedication, this incredible journey wouldn’t have been possible. 🌊🙌


Edelweiss Surf Tour Champions 2023!

Women: Alena Gubler

Men: Rivian Rock Rosskopf

Junior Girls: Eva Weiss

Junior Boys: Kilian Rosskopf

Women: Michelle Ernst

Men: Rivian Rock Rosskopf

Junior Girls: Eva Weiss

Junior Boys: Kilian Rosskopf

Women: Rachel Bonhote-Mead

Men: Franklin Serpa Ferreira Correia

Junior Girls: Fabiana Klein

Junior Boys: Antoine Habashi

Pictures by phil.bucher / Instagram: @phil.bucher


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